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Tufting Machine Models:-

The production capacity of each machine is dependent on the type of machine and the stitch rate. As a rough guide a 16 needle x 3/16 inch(5 mm) gauge machine is capable of producing 15 square metres per hour. A 12 needle x 3/16 inch(5 mm) gauge machine is capable of producing 12 square metres per hour. Other factors obviously include the skill of the operator, especially for curved rugs and mats.

We can turn the maximum tufting width up to 2 1/2 inches in a 12 needle machine. As an illustration a 12 needle by 3/8 inch (10mm ) gauge machine would produce 4 1/8 inch (105 mm) tufting width and would only be suitable for straight line tufting.

Adjustable pile height machines are available in five models
Low Pile 8-20 mm
Medium Pile 18-28 mm
High Pile 17-37 mm
Extra HIgh Pile 38-48 mm
The machines can use many types of yarn. for example. cotton, nylon, acrylic, wool, wool mixture, polypropylene, b.c.f., amongst others. A typical mat would have approximately 0.6 kg to 1.5 kg per square metre of yarn, depending on pile height, stitch rate and count of yarn. Tufts are usually bonded to the base cloth by Latex. The latex may be applied by spray gun and may need heat to cure the adhesive. Advise can be given when we know the type of product required. Special model machine can be made as per the requirement of the customers.

Advantage of Automatic cut-off.

1.Stop machine
2.Press foot pedal to raise presser foot and activate the cut off system.
3.Continue to run the machine and pull the material away from the machine.
The automatic cut off device increases productivity and reduces fatigue of the operator.

The cut-off device requires 80 - 100 p.s.i air pressure (6 to 7 bar)


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