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Reversible Machine

Model XL 30-30 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 Needles Reversible Cut Off Loop Carpet Machine

This attachment is used more than any other attachment we have ever manufactured .Its purpose is to two fold to increase production (up to 1/3) & decrease operator fatigue (operator no longer has to turn hand wheel or raise pressure foot to remove sewn material.)

Attachment is air operated and controlled by knee switch will raise the pressure foot and stop the needle bar in top position letting knives and loppers continue their moment which allows the machine to cut off the remaining yarn on the loppers.

This attachment also leaves both hand free for the operator to move rug into the desired positions because she will not have raise the presser foot or rock the hand wheel back and fourth in order to cut the standard of yarn.

Specification of the Reversible Machine
* 4 Needle and 6 Needle
* 1/2 Gauge *0.035*3" Knife
* 1/4, 3/16",5/32", 3/8",5/8" Gauge * Motor 500 watt ,1425 RPM
* Loop Pile cut Pile & Loop * Net weight 49 kg
* 1/2" 1/2" Set loop pile height. * RPM 875.
* Needle -1269-1272 * Production 450 sq. Feet in 8 hrs


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