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About R.S. Technology

R. S. Technology is a professionally managed company serving the textile and knitting industry in India and abroad. The company in a very short span has been successful in setting up its various textile ventures with latest technology. The perseverance to develop along with ever changing trends of the knitting and textile industry, they have come out with new and latest models of machines, catering to the demands of their customers, they have been supplying all types of machines with the spare parts and are providing excellent after sale service to the satisfaction of their customers to keep the latest developments in the knitting and textile industry, the company representatives attend National and International training programs, seminar and exhibitions regularly. The company is having positive attitude in all fields to establish professional and efficient working system there by contributing to flawless result and efficiency. R. S. Technology has further set its targets to achieve hundred present efficiency in all its ventures. the company believes in quality, economy, reliability and efficiency.

Our Products
R. S. Technology is a globally recognized manufacturer and exporter of high quality textile and knitting machinery. We offer our products in varied specification and designs. Our line of products includes:

  • Tufting Machine (Model XL 30-30 4, 6, 8, 9, 12 Needles Reversible Cut Off Loop Carpet Machine)
  • Linking Machines
  • Crochet Machine
  • Beading Machine (Blanket Stitch Machine)
  • Carpet Machine.
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